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Showing a veteran’s knack for storytelling, Lovin deftly strips the often tedious details of law enforcement down to their dramatic essentials, and gives his convincing cast a relaxed, yet intense, style of dialogue that could only come from somebody who’s personally walked the walk. ...The book’s fluid pace, crisp writing and vivid imagery are guaranteed to keep the most casual of readers upright and engaged from compelling start to powerful finish.
— Stephen Knapp, City & Mountain Views
Dale Lovin’s suspenseful mystery is a page turner. His descriptions of the natural beauty of Colorado, the setting of his story, make you want to visit the state. As someone who has also worked sexual trafficking of children, I commend the way he deals honestly with a difficult but critically important topic. I highly recommend this book.
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A great Law Enforcement Story with exceptional character development. Dale Lovin pegs it in his accurate depiction of a complex investigation and those who are sworn to uphold the law.
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