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Met Mr. Lovin at an Evergreen, CO fundraiser for an adult reading program. He, with several other Evergreen authors, warmly greeted us all, and talked about his books. I bought both books in support of local creativity, expecting to endure a mediocre writing effort. At 2:00 in the morning, I finally had to force myself to put the book aside in favor of sleep. When you begin the first sentence of both his books, you are grabbed by the throat and cannot wait for each successive page. His real-life experience informs his stories, and real-life cases serve to remind the reader that Mr. Lovin knows how it is!
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I loved Dale Lovin’s new book, “Strangers, Lovers, and the Winds of Time”. Ex-FBI agent Brad Walker becomes involved after an ex-prosecutor and another ex-FBI agent are brutally attacked. The characters, from agents and sheriffs, to criminals and victims, are very well developed and it’s amazing to read where they came from and how they are connected. There are glorious descriptions of the beauty of New Mexico, and its culture. There are horrific events of racism in the past and present, and many twists and turns! It was a fascinating and informative study of “both sides” from someone who has seen it all.
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The author, Dale Lovin, is a retired FBI Agent who served on a SWAT Team, was a surveillance pilot, and supervised violent crimes/fugitive cases. At retirement, he wanted to give back to society, to share “lessons learned” about “hate crimes”, and victimization of young women and children. “Strangers, Lovers, and the Winds of Time”, focuses on a very violent group, led by Earl Sampson, that attacks a menu of targets, including law enforcement officers, prosecutors, minority group members and vulnerable women. Driven by hate & retaliation and funded by armored car robberies, they profess a strident Christian faith to justify their heinous crimes. Lovin effectively ties-in history, energy, shadows, joy, revenge, justice, and surprise to the events he portrays. You feel like you are onsite, and seeing the action unfold. Although the book is fiction, he accentuates the importance of history in writing, by quoting Cicero, “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.” His first book, “The Mirror in the River”, focused on a public figure exploiting young women. He does give an indication of a book to possibly follow, which could take terrorism to a higher level. I believe you will enjoy “Strangers.
— Robert J. O'Brien